Bye bye DI & BA?


I recently stop working for Pentaho aka Hitachi Vantara. Due to my career it could be surprising as i’ve always talk and be passsionate by analytics. Sure since Hitachi acquired Pentaho, the roadmap change a lot and now it will be more focused on big industry around IoT use cases to increase productivity and implement predictive maintenance mainly.

But at the end i havent leave Pentaho for that. It’s more related to market evolution. Today you can have in front of you 2 types of Big Data customers:
– « Profit focus » customer how expect to use Big Data to not only increase but to shoot up their revenues. Its not easy and not free so they want to see quickly big ROI in new services
– « Technical feature » customer where new technology really allowed to simplify or increase quality services

But in all case, many time Deciders are not enthusiastic that a small team of Data Scientist get access to sensitive datasets. And Machine Learning need details rows to optimize their models. So what’s happen?
Data scientist are difficult to hire so many times you are in front of freelance people or subcontractors or even new data agencies. So if you start a long exchange on « Can we share or not these details? » you get a long Go/NoGo session, and at the end you do only a small pourcentage of your initial requirements.

So what to do?
Avoid analytics? Not possible because in that case somebody else will do and will be the leader in your market.

So it’s why i’m convince we need to help companies to manage data privacy and then allowed them to do Big Analytics.

Today on Data Privacy, if you just applied basic encryption you will get plenties data flows using each one a specific methodology to hide sensitive data. So in that case:
– How to solve consistencies between your datasets?
– How to protect your datasets against linkage attack?
– How to manage all your data privacy from one repository?
Answer is that you need a platform to manage our Data Privacy.

So its exactly why i move to Privitar and expect to meet you again to help you doing analytics serenely using any type of data.



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