Control my world

This morning I’m learning that at the other end of the world, an employee is likely to listen to what is being said at home!
Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa (Bloomberg)

We were accustomed to being tracked on the web through advertisements, we are increasingly aware that our feelings are analyzed by the algorithms to interact with us at the best time, but that our home is in the viewfinder; STOP or at least not without compensation.

In our best interest, LOL, we are sometimes full of kindness and we accept that our actions are analyzed for the purpose of improving the service. Each one is free, but note that in this case, the option was active by default. So, Amazon employees listen to sound recordings from some home boxes. It is clear that’s a pure privacy violation.

And the Data Privacy then!

While live technologies to replace words in a soundtrack are not yet mature, I would like to know if at least the employee in question was able to link these records and final customer identification. Because here, there are solutions.

I name this #ChangeAnalytics. In many indirect uses, businesses still use sensitive data to carry out their Data Driven strategy. If they have obtained consent for this specific use, very well, but my experience shows that this is very rarely the case. I remind you that in this regard, a contract of non-disclosure of information is not enough. Indeed, in this case the company takes the risk of a security breach that could expose sensitive data outside. Data Privacy allows you to De-Identify datasets transmitted to the Data Scientists so that it keeps useful data (a good solution of Data Privacy will not only encrypt the data), which allows them to extract business values.

Offer me privacy features to make sure that my name, my address, the color of my girlfriend’s eyes, do not end up on your servers. Clearly let me manage my DE-IDENTIFICATION, the data of my own world. I will be more faithful to your services and you and I will sleep better. Be both considerate and innovative by associating with your approach, not to only get my consent, because if you practice Data Privacy this is no longer systematically necessary, but to allow me the owner of the data, browse, delete or analyze them in my turn.

Security is not enough, I have the right to control my data, control my world!

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