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100% Cloud guy!

Since 3 months now, I’ve experienced a full Cloud concept.

All my data, personal AND professional are host in the cloud. Sure you can say « Bhaaa nothing special ! » but when i say that,  its mean that my house could burn (cross fingers 😉 or i can crash my business computer, I’m sure I can access to all my data.

It was not a 100% safe story. I remind some morning in the train, just few minutes before a meeting, « oh xxxx, where is my file? »
I’ve tried to use many of major cloud solution: GoogleDrive, OneCloud, Dropbox, Box and HCPAnywhere.

Some of them only replicate your online data anywhere you want but don’t make any upload synchronization. So its why i stop using Box & Drop for this purpose. They just could be used to deliver access to files to your friends. In the same time I use Google only for personal usage. So today I manage all my personal files on Drive.

Where it’s more complex, it’s when I have to define my better tool for business usage. I’m travelling all times and use a full online solution was the not the right answer.

So I’ve tried OneCloud! But in this case you need at the end to create all your docs from Office365, so online. If you try to use your local Office, it will make synchronization for you,….. but when ! Their synchronization tool was not persistent in my case. I’ve some colleague who used full Office365 but in my case it take me sometimes 3 to 5 min to save a file, waiting checking and pseudo synchronization.

hcpAt the end my choice come to ….. Hitachi ! Sure it’s my new holding company but they have a public tool named HCPAnywhere that you can used online. By this way I can really use large local folder and create and update files using any software and be sure that everything is online without to wait long time. At the end you understand it’s my new tool and I can only encourage you to test it.