Change the [analytic] world!

I spent a lot of time in my career on analytics. All time, the goal is to extract value from any data. I like it and I don’t want to stop to do that. But…

Now with IoT and deep-learning companies continue to ingest and analyze a huge volume of data about you. Why? Because if they have a maximum of information about you or your systems, they can predict what you are expecting in the next 2 seconds. That’s fine because if it helps you to be more protected when you are on the road or if it’s helps you to anticipate some activities to be done to reach a target, it’s positive. So, when analytic models are used in real-time and just make the link between actual events and predictive facts, they don’t impact my privacy. But to train all these analytic models, all data driven companies use too many information about me without taking care of my Privacy.

At a world economic level, we cry against Trump but at the same time we destroy Europe day by day, Asia continues to move from a manufacturing to a services business, Africa is leader in mobile banking, Russia in hacking, …. In France we are confronted with the “Gilets Jaunes” who manifest for no tax, initially a typical rich people requirement. They want revolution to change the world and get more money. That’s fine, but at the same time they make intense use of Facebook, the more intrusive social network. If you don’t practice social graph, meaning manage different profiles/logins, nearly everybody can know what you think about this political issue. Even about your life, so many times you want to cry out your feeling, but you don’t do it on internet because you don’t want your neighbor to discover what you think about him. So, you invent many faces of yourself. One profile for business, one for family and friends, one for each country, …. Why do you do this? Because you want to protect your privacy. You’re great and you are on the right way.

Now how can Data Privacy help us?

Imagine that automatically, each time you generate data, these data will be yours. Financial organizations work that way using blockchain technology. So, it means that nobody can access a certain level of details without your validation. It’s great for banking, but from a GAFA point of view, you kill the advertising business. In our world, companies need ads to push you to buy their products. We can perhaps change that, but it will take more time ;-). Anyway, these new features are only about data access protection, what we call Security in IT. Privacy and specifically, Data Privacy, is something different.

So now imagine another story. Each time you generate data, these data will be “Privitazed”. There will be all information about what you buy, what you think, BUT, without any links to your identity. So, all data driven companies can use it to know:

  • What? What works fine and what is never consumed, but unrelated to something specific to your identity.
  • Where? Where is usage more frequent, but not related to your detailed location or usual trip.
  • Why? Why and how do you consume that just after some specific events, but not any of your personal events.
  • When? When do you generate data, but never with the real date from operational system.
  • Who? Here it’s a little different as it will be you as a member of a population so never you with your name. Sure, we still search how to privatize DNA, why not tomorrow?

In Data Privacy it’s exactly what we always have in mind. Protect your identity in any type of second usage of your data. Second usage mean we are not claiming that all production system needs to be anonymized, you have to be clear with your security access for that. Our goal is to protect your Privacy from all re-usage of your data, and sure, Analytic is big part of that.

And you know what? There are already many teams who build some wonderful analytic models using anonymized data, what we name “Privitazed” data. And that works! If you need my data to learn about it, you don’t need to know my name Sebastien.

Coming back to “Gillets jaunes”, it’s great to see that new technology help them to federate. But if you want to use THEIR data to run any analytic, you can’t, you don’t respect their privacy. I’m not sure great political leader (G20, …) care about that because they do spying and by default it’s another question than privacy.

Data is the greatest asset today BUT not all our detailed data needs to be out there.

Analytics need to respect privacy to keep end-customer trust.

We can build a better world using data privacy.

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